Dark Chess Helper
ver. 1.0, September 15, 2009

Dark Chess Helper is a Windows software designed to provide assistance with Dark Chess games.
The main features of it are:
  • Calculate all possible board positions for chess pieces of the other player
  • For each square on a board, display percentage of all possible board positions that contain a given chess piece in that square.
  • Display current number of possible board positions
  • Open/Save a game file
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The program is very simple to use. The smaller board on the left is used to make moves and to update the visibility of chess pieces after each move.

To move a piece on a board, simply click on a square that contains your chess piece. A red border will surround that square. Then click on a square to which you want to move. If it's a legal move, the chess piece will be moved there immediately. If you select a chess piece, and you decide not to move it, click on that piece again to unselect it. Once the move is made there is no way to undo it. So be careful, because if you make a mistake, the only way to get to the previous board position is to load it from a file (if you saved it).

After you move your piece, you may need to update the board to show visible opponent's pieces. To update a square, use a mouse to right-click on that square, and from the a popup menu select a chess piece or an empty square.

When you are finished updating the board, click on the button "I'm finished with update". At that time the computer will calculate all possible board positions that match the small board. Once the calculation is complete, the large board on the right is updated.

Each square on the large board may contain multiple pieces with corresponding percentage numbers. These numbers represent the percentage of board positions that contain a given chess piece in a square.

If after calculating possible positions, the large board on the right is empty, and the number of positions is equal to zero, that means that a mistake was made in updating a board.